The following specifications should be used in preparing content for use in sport specific printed programs published by Skyline Gridiron Club.

Advertising rates and deadlines available on request and do not include any production assistance. For more information: 

Graphic design services may be available upon request for additional charges.  Request for assistance must be made at time of order and must all elements for ad development at least two weeks prior to submission deadlines. 

Printed Programs in FULL COLOR offer display ad Sizes for standard 8.5" x 11" size pages as shown below. 

Distribution is FREE at all HOME games and in some locations within the Skyline attendance area.    

Program Mechanicals

Ad sizes

DIGITAL FILES  All camera ready ads should be supplied as high resolution JPGS 300 DPI.  If high resolution PDF’s are supplied, CMYK must be used and fonts must be embedded to reduce chances of print quality being affected.  We do our best to match the color proof  supplied.  Photos sent separately should also be 300 DPI. 

BLEEDS  Material intended to bleed should be furnished with a minimum of .25” image area beyond the trim;    anything less can’t guarantee consistent bleed.

TRIM SIZE 8.375” X 10.875”

LIVE AREA All type or graphics not intended to trim should be positioned .3125” from trim.

GUTTER SAFETY All copy should be placed .375” from either side of trim

PAGE PLACEMENT Except for inside cover positions, placement of all ads will be decided by the publisher.  Requests can be made however, no guarantees are offered. 

DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS Files under 10 MB should be sent electronically.  Larger ads must be supplied via FTP site.  All submitted materials become the property of  SGCAdvertising, as related to it’s publishing products. SGCAdvertising works to produce all of it’s products locally to ensure resources stay with the community when possible.